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On Tuesday, March 7, the LIU Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation hosted a digital marketing workshop, which was facilitated by Steph Schmitt and Jacob Mader from Google. The theme, the power of digital marketing, is highly relevant for all entrepreneurs. By learning about how Google works, participants were able to gain valuable insights into how to maximize a company’s digital presence online. To assist current and future users of Google´s services, Google developed different tools to support growth of new, as well as established ventures. Amongst these tools are Keyword Planner, Analytics and AdWords. During the workshop, all of these tools were introduced.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, the keyword planner is definitely the most useful tool. The software taps into Google’s business intelligence to anlayze search statistics and display search volume by keywords. This way, entrepreneurs are able to take proactive action since the they are able to better understand what potential consumers are looking for. Even our mentors at the Center are using these tools to track trends and get a sense of what is relevant for customers in a particular market.

And here are some relevant links to get started with Google’s digital marketing tools:

Otherwise, the deadline for our pitch competition is coming up. Many ideas have been discussed during the Coworking sessions on Thursdays (11am-12pm), and hopefully, we will see some of your ideas in the grand finale on the April 28 at LIU Brooklyn. So don’t forget to submit your business pitch and compete for the price of $100,000: http://apply.nybplan.com/en/challenge/2017-new-york-city-semifinal-competition

by Aron Podavka




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