Using 3D Printing to Test and Validate Your Business Ideas

On Friday, March 20, 2017, LIU’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation co-hosted a 3D Printing Training session with MakerBot for students competing in the 8th Annual New York State Business Plan Competition. In addition to gaining valuable insight into MakerBot’s 3D printing process, students received constructive feedback on their business pitches from the team at MakerBot.   

During the first half of the session, Drew Lentz shared the company’s history, and explained the basics of 3D printing as well as the various tools involved. Students learned about how 3D printing material is molded by the printer into a desirable object. In addition, Drew demonstrated how to use the various software suites to create images of desirable objects for the 3D printers by actually printing some objects on site. Many students witnessed 3D printing for the first time and quickly realized the value of using this technology as a prototyping tool for their business plan projects.

During the second half of the afternoon, Grant Parker mentored students to improve their business pitches for the 8th Annual New York State Business Plan Competition. Students participated in a pitch exercise, where they they had to pitch their business idea to their colleagues and other professionals at MakerBot. Grant Parker played a key role for providing constructive feedback and helping students perfect their business pitches.

“Think micro for all aspects of your business idea.” Grant Parker of MakerBot

We are excited to welcome MakerBot as a judge for the 8th Annual New York State Business Plan Competition on March 31 at LIU Brooklyn.

By Manpreet Singh (Manny)





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  • Aron Podavka
    commented 2017-03-30 14:44:49 -0400
    Also check out the program called ThinkCad, which is free and a easy start for you to develop your own 3D model in. For those who like to challenge themselves, Onshape is free if your a uni student.

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