NYC Business Plan Competition Judging Criteria

The New York Business Plan Competition judges will evaluate your pitch and responses to their questions based on the following criteria:

  1. Market Opportunity -- Clear market need and a plan to take advantage of the need.
  2. Competitive Advantage -- The product or service is something unique that has a protectable competitive advantage in the proposed market.
  3. Management Capability -- The team has the skills and experience to develop this company and address the risks associated with the venture.
  4. Financial Understanding -- The team has a solid understanding of the financial requirements of the business.
  5. Venture Maturity -- This team has incorporated as a business and is in contact with potential customers.
  6. Presentation -- The pitch presented the venture in a clear, compelling manner, and answered questions well.
  7. Investment Potential -- The business is a real investment opportunity in which you would consider investing.

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