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Want to match with a LIU-led startup?  Or do you have a startup idea and want to find LIU co-founders and talent?

Joining the Startup CoFounder Matchmaker Directory is a great first step towards forming a team for the Incubator Program.

How to participate:

- Post your startup idea (don't say anything confidential) and let people know what skills you are looking for

- Post something about yourself, your skills and interests, and let people know what types of startups you are looking to join.

To verify that you are a LIU student, note:

- What year you are 

- What school you are in


Others will use this directory to identify and match with you.

You can also identify yourself as being interested in the Innovation Incubator Program.

Please note that all responses will be publicly available, so do not put anything sensitive in your answers.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Multimedia Productions

Hello, I'm a former LIU student just learning about the Innovation Incubator Program. I am very interested in meeting and possibly collaborating with other entrepreneurs interested in new media content production. I'd like to hear from business development enthusiasts, production coordinators, writers, video/cinematographers, marketing strategists, content creators, digital/graphic designers, animators and other megaminds who don't understand the concept of limitations.

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